Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer pricing has increasingly gained attention from the Indonesian Tax Authority, with concerns like domestic and cross-border related party transactions being audited by government institutions regularly. Our comprehensive Transfer Pricing Documentation services are designed to meet PMK-213/PMK.03/2016, OECD TP Guideline and Applicable Tax Regulations.


Transfer pricing refers to intercompany pricing arrangements between related bussiness that operate under a common multinational ownership or control.

However, the growing number of such cross-border intercompany transactions done by multinational enterprises have drawn the attention of the tax authority. Domestic intercompany transactions conducted by Indonesian enterprises among associated enterprises are also subsequently subject to transfer pricing rules, requiring them to prepare Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc).

Ultimately, Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc) has become a requirement from the tax authority to ensure that your company follows the tax regulations and transfer pricing guidelines when conducting intercompany transactions.

Therefore, it’s very important for enterprises to be able to ensure that the pricing policy of affiliated transactions are done in accordance with both the regulations and arm’s length principle.

With our expertise in Transfer Pricing, you will receive all the support needed to address the above concerns. Our services are as follows:

  • Preparing Transfer Pricing Documentation / TP Doc (Local File, Master File & CbCR).
  • Relevant benchmarking studies in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Guidance and assistance in transfer pricing dispute resolutions, from tax audits, objections to appeals.


We are commited to providing you the information and assistance tailored to your specific needs.

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