Tax Services

With the tax legislation becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, our expert consultants are here to assist corporate and individual taxpayers in fulfilling their tax compliance and all other issues concerning taxation.


In an increasingly complex tax ecosystem in Indonesia, new and specific regulations with fierce penalties are imposed by the Indonesian Tax Authority to further reinforce levels of compliance.

However, by working with the right tax experts and fully understanding comprehensively the tax legislation and its implementations, you will be able to manage risks and avoid penalties.

To assist you, our tax compliance services include the following scopes:

  • Tax Administration Services.
  • Monthly Withholding Tax Return (Income Tax Art.21/26, Art. 22, Art.23/26 and Art 4(2).
  • Monthly Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Monthly Tax Review.
  • Annual Corporate and Personal Income Tax Return.
  • Personal and Corporate Tax Planning.

Our tax compliance experts are ready to help corporate and individual taxpayer to simplify their tax compliance comprehensively in accordance to Indonesian Tax Office Requirements and provide a proven approach to compliance management and reporting.

This way, you can focus more on future business growth while securing improved tax management.


Tax Review involves reviewing the fulfillment of a taxpayer’s tax obligations with the aim to identify potential taxes exposure that may arise, and provide recommendations and plans that can improve efficiency in fulfilling tax obligations.

Through Tax Review, you will obtain information regarding the accuracy of your tax calculations, your compliance with the regulations, and the potential tax exposures that may arise from penalties due to errors in conforming to applicable policies.

Our tax experts will work with your team to review all accounting practices which have been implemented by your company, provide insights on your level of compliance with applicable tax regulations, along with the risks that may be faced by companies. This service also covers reviews tax compliance for pre-IPO, merger, acquisition, liquidations etc.


Our experience handling tax litigation issues for clients from various industries has become one of our main strengths, representing and assisting taxpayers in overcoming tax disputes.

We are here to assist you throughout the process of tax litigation or dispute, that includes tax audit, tax objection, tax appeal & lawsuit, and tax judicial review to the Supreme Court for reconsideration. Our tax litigation experts can help you by:

  • Preparing the best strategy for winning tax disputes.
  • Reviewing all documents before they are submitted to the Tax Authority.
  • Corresponding with the Tax Authority.
  • Representing and/or accompanying client in meetings with the Tax Authority or at the Tax Court.


We are commited to providing you the information and assistance tailored to your specific needs.

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