Accounting Services

Get in-depth knowledge of your financial conditions, simplify accounting processes, and make the most accurate financial decisions.


For owners of small and large enterprises, managing tedious accounting aspects of the business may take more attention and time than necessary. Working with an experienced accounting professional will not just allow you to efficiently allocate time and effort on business development aspects, but also help you accurately research monetary performance like financial statements, expenses and revenue tracking, and financial forecasting. Accurate data management like this will allow business owners, shareholders and CEO to have a clear view of the financial condition, and hence make valid strategic decisions on current and future resources allocation.

Our experts will help you with:

  • Ensuring and checking the completeness of accounting data.
  • Ensure accounting documentation is appropriate in terms of numbering and archiving.
  • Ensure that accounting records comply with CoA (Chart of Account) and accounting policies provided by the client.
  • Enter accounting data / documents into accounting software.
  • Complete the monthly financial reporting package and send to the client for approval.
  • Financial statements, prepared based on Accounting Principles (SAK) applicable in Indonesia.
  • Accounting Review to ensure the books / records carried out by clients are in accordance with applicable Financial Accounting Standards (SAK) and their application in business practices carried out by clients.


We are commited to providing you the information and assistance tailored to your specific needs.

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